It’s Bio-Digital, Economical Jazz, Man!

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Apr 232011

Let’s ignore all that “this shit is inside of a computer” stuff from Tron. What are you left with? A dude playing games of death inside a video game inspired world all while shaking up the foundation of said world because he’s all special and shit.

That sounds like C to me.

While Tron’s born out of the 80′s arcade scene, with all of its action scenes literally translating into arcade games, C’s style of battling seems like it’s ripped straight from the sort of stuff you see in recent Japanese video games. Instead of light cycles and shit, you get Pokemon-like battles. The overbearing voices that call out attacks in monotone, digital voices are not unlike the sort of background chatter you’d hear in a video game (It makes me think of the Capcom VS games, but it ain’t limited to those games.). The aesthetic of the world reminds me a bit of the recent Persona games, with the checkerboard colors and the digital font and the like.

So yeah, much like how Tron made a melting pot out of the early days of arcade gaming, C’s coming off as if someone’s taking a bunch of recent jwhatever gaming trends and tossing them together. The only significant difference between the two is the obligatory narrative binding: Tron’s about a dude that goes inside a computer, C’s about a some vague critique of modern money issues.

That right there makes this a hell of a lot more interesting than most anime series out there. Can’t say much else about it that I didn’t already say last week, though. Just like the main dude, we’ve been tossed into the mix and made to figure out this shit as we go. We aren’t getting the rules explained to us, and I dig that. Hopefully we’ll learn this at the same rate as the main dude, piecing it together along with him. I’ll take that over the sort of talking head exposition bullshit we usual get, anime or otherwise.

The only thing that gripes me at the moment is the whole “you’re the only one that cared about your monster” angle. It’s like one of those “very special” episodes of Pokemon where someone mistreats their Pokemon and we learn about how important it is to take care of other living things. And the object of this “affection” is a cute little girl? Really? Do we need this sort of forced sentimentality in every single anime? At least the video game demon chick slugged the main dude for being slow on the uptake. Maybe that balances things out? For every moment of artificial personal drama we get a dude decked in the face? That’s real economics at work there. Supply and Demand Punch.