Excellent films of Pixar animation studio

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Apr 202019

Known as the witch of emotions, Pixar created real masterpieces for children’s films, but adults couldn’t help but enjoy it.

It’s not like that with Movie Up (2009) and Toy Story 3 (2010) Pixar has made a mark in history when it became 2 of 3 animated films nominated in the best film category.

It also proved that the billion-dollar deal Disney bought Pixar did not limit the creativity of the studio’s talented people, on the contrary, with Disney’s plentiful budget, Pixar became even easier in the creation of top works.

1. The Incredibles (2004)

The modern world is full of superhero movies from Marvel to DC, but Pixar in 2004 created one of the best superhero movies on the big screen.

Although it is only an animation, and for children, The Incredibles is always the ideal role model for every hero movie to follow.
This is a film with a tight story, the character is clearly and subtly introduced, in which a superman family tries to balance the normal life with the meaning of consecration.

The Incredibles do not abuse action, everything is really meticulously calculated so that in 2 hours, the story is complete from the character, the engine and the way the main characters gather to defeat the evil Hate to destroy the earth.

The world will remember the superman family, but when the last part of the movie was recently released with a short introduction, it immediately reached a record number of viewers.

The Incredibles is indeed an excellent film, but it is hard to have any closed superhero movie, maybe for a long time.

2. Inside Out (2015)

From fish, mice, to toys that are personified and donated to emotions, but to Inside Out, Pixar brings one of the most unique movies in history, transforming human emotional states into people. objects with their full personality.
The good thing about Pixar is that the film’s directors always develop stories based on their own experiences with their families.

So is Inside Out, director Docter has an idea for the film based on his attention when his daughter grows up.

Her physiological changes helped Docter come up with a great story about the meaning of sadness in everyday life.

Sometimes we hate sadness because it makes us tired, makes our tears run down and makes us feel exhausted. But we do not realize that, thanks to sadness, joy is valuable.

Inside Out is Little Joy’s journey with the help of the little girl Sad who helps her master understand the meaning of the family and can cope with the sadness that is always filled in everyone’s life.

Inside Out easily takes anyone’s tears, because Inside Out is indeed a beautiful work of art for people.

3. Toy Story (1995)

As the world’s first computer-animated film, also Pixar’s first film, Toy Story is the first step to conquer the world with sensitivity in choosing topics, turning things close. Best into cartoon characters, giving them personality and from them, Pixar builds a humanistic worldview that fosters childish minds.
Toy Story is not simply a pioneer, it is also a model for how a movie can become a masterpiece.

It is rich in emotion, both happy and sad, is a child film that touches the depths of human nature as a factor of being forgotten, afraid of being replaced, but here the two main characters are two items The toy wants to win the little master’s affection.

The film is sad, but in sadness is a naive, innocent smile that is very young, so it has a very special depth that makes the audience of children passionate, and the adult audience, will question their conscience I have no more toys for my childhood.