Top 50 Anime Series of All Time


10. Maison Ikkoku

The way Air Master is the only fighting anime you ever need to watch, Maison Ikkoku is the only “mature” romantic comedy you ever need to watch. It’s that simple. It’s probably more of a comedy than it is a romance, but that doesn’t matter. It’s also the greatest thing Rumiko Takahashi has ever made. Considering the fact that she has two other series on this list, that’s a mean feat.


9. Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space

Tamala is a fucking strike! Yeah, just go read my old post on it.



8. Revolutionary Girl Utena

No other anime is open to interpretation to the same extent as Utena. It’s like it was deliberately crafted to act as a jumping off point for all manners of discussion and character analysis. The only reason why I haven’t written anything substantial about the series is because I’m not quite sure where I should start. It also has the single greatest anime soundtrack of all time. The duelist songs are brilliant.

7. Lupin the Third

Since I initially wrote this list, I’ve seen more Lupin. And like I said before, if I saw more Lupin I was sure it’d shoot up this list. It went from 20th to 9th, and that’s only after seeing the original early 70’s Lupin series. Anyway, I love the sort of roguish anti-hero that Lupin represents. It’s the sort of character archetype I’d love to see more often in anime. Anime needs more heist anime a well. We need more people stealing shit and getting away with it. The world would be a better place if we got a new Lupin TV series. Golgo got one a few years ago, Lupin deserves a new one as well.

6. The Book of Bantorra

Bantorra hits many of the same buttons that X did back in the day, except it hits those buttons better. Hamutz may very well be my favorite anime character of all time. She’s one of the most ambiguous, amoral, baffling characters I’ve ever seen, and the fact that we never really discover her true intentions makes her all the more fascinating. She was created to do battle with Ruruta, but her own ambitions lie elsewhere. She battles against her encoded drive, but at the same time relishes it. She’s a walking mass of contradictions and curves. The only thing keeping Bantorra from being my all-time favorite series is the lackluster animation and music. Those production values really add to a series’ overall awesomeness.